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‘Many Women, Many Words’ is a collaboration between writers and researchers at the Soran University in the Kurdistan region and Lancaster University in the UK.

Kurdistan is a semi-autonomous state within Iraq, but during the rule of Saddam Hussein a deliberate programme of genocide was directed against the Kurdish people. Thousands of Kurdish villages were destroyed and many Kurds fled into neighbouring Turkey, Iran and Syria. The Kurdish Peshmerga forces mounted an armed resistance to Saddam, in which many women took part. But their stories of heroic resistance had their counterpoint in the stories of women who had to support their families in the absence of their menfolk, whose lives were often scrutinised and controlled by the Ba'ath Party, and whose displacement traumatised a generation.

‘Many Women, Many Words’ went in search of those other stories... Read more on our About Us page.


Welcome to Many Women, Many Words

Dedicated to telling Kurdish women's stories, this website was developed in 2016.

The 'Many Women, Many Words' project is being carried out in affiliation with Lancaster University's Centre for Transcultural Writing and Research.

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